General rules of conduct on the site:

Let's start with the fact that there are hundreds of people on this site, of different religions and views, and they are all full-fledged visitors to our site, so if we want this community of people to function we need rules. We strongly recommend that you read these rules, it will only take you about five minutes, but it will save us and you time and help make the site more interesting and organized.

Let's start with the fact that on our site you should behave respectfully to all site visitors. No insults to the participants, it is always unnecessary. If you have a complaint - please contact the Admins or Moderators (use private messages). Insulting other users is one of our most serious offenses, and is severely penalized by the administration. Racism, religious and political statements are strictly prohibited. Thank you in advance for your understanding, and for wanting to make our site more polite and friendly.

It is strictly forbidden on the site:

- posts which are irrelevant to the content of the article or the context of the discussion
- insults and threats against visitors of the site
- abusive language, degrading, and inciting inter-ethnic discord are prohibited in comments
- spam, as well as advertising any goods and services, other resources, media, or events that are not relevant to the context of the article

Let's respect each other and the site where you and other readers come to talk and express their thoughts. The site administration reserves the right to remove comments or portions of comments if they do not comply with these requirements.

If you violate these rules you will be given a warning. In some cases you will be banned without a warning. Contact the administrator regarding ban removal.

Insulting administrators or moderators will also be banned - respect other people's privacy.