PojavLauncher - launching the Java version

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Preview PojavLauncher - launching the Java version

The application already has such popular modifications as Forge, Fabric, LabyMod, which make cool mods for minecraft java. It is possible to enable the display of the latest snapshots, download all released versions of Minecraft Java starting from 1.0 to the most up-to-date.

A convenient application for running Minecraft Java Edition based on Android. To use PojavLauncher, you need good characteristics of a mobile device:

  • More than 4 GB of RAM;
  • 1-2 GB of free internal memory.


  • Completely free of charge
  • User-friendly interface. Similar to the original launcher;
  • Huge functionality;
  • The ability to move buttons during the game;
  • You can log in to a local account. You don't have to log in to your Microsoft account.

PojavLauncher - launching the Java version

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Latest version

Download PojavLauncher v3.3.1.1_rel_20210321.apk
Size: 59.02 Mb
Downloads: 17355

Previous versions

PojavLauncher v3.3.1.1.apk
Size: 59.02 Mb
Downloads: 7590

PojavLauncher v3.3.1.apk
Size: 15.72 Mb
Downloads: 2831

PojavLauncher v3.3.apk
Size: 13.92 Mb
Downloads: 2156

PojavLauncher v3.2.apk
Size: 13.39 Mb
Downloads: 675

PojavLauncher v3.2.0.apk
Size: 6.76 Mb
Downloads: 747

PojavLauncher v2.5.3.apk
Size: 27.01 Mb
Downloads: 714

PojavLauncher v2.5.2.apk
Size: 11.33 Mb
Downloads: 397

PojavLauncher v2.5.1.apk
Size: 11.1 Mb
Downloads: 1597

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