Minecraft PE [Beta]

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The developers have released a new beta version of Meinkraft on Android. In this update there is a new interface when creating the world, improved the experimental mode, made small changes and bugs.

Experimental mode


  • Changed the name of Frog Eggs
  • Tadpole hitbox got bigger
  • New texture of Frog Eggs


  • Improved frog jump animation
  • Water and swimming animation changed to smoother

New interface

When creating a world, you can include a new design. If you want, you can return the old design.
New interface in minecraft

Fixed bugs

We have fixed 36 bugs. Here are the bugs that are worth paying attention to:
  • Fixed an issue that could happen when exiting the menu
  • Fixed a bug with snow when falling
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to not be able to access the villager's markets
  • Fixed TNT moving after arson
  • Witches no longer disappear in Raids
  • Fixed the name of inventory tabs
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