Minecraft PE 1.18.30 [Release]

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Preview Minecraft PE 1.18.30 [Release]

Finally, a month later, the developers released a new version of the Minecraft game on Android. Updated the design when creating the world, new experimental features, fixed bugs and bugs.

The screen has been updated when creating/editing a new world: it will not appear on all mobile devices, developers need a little more time to fully implement it.

New World Creation Screen 

Realms World Repository: Who canceled their subscription more than 18 months ago - the worlds will be deleted.

Added two new mobs: Guardian (varden), special (elay).

Two new biomes have been added: Gloomy Depths, an ancient city, and the effect of darkness.

Added two new types of things: Rolling blocks, a boat with a chest

Observer mode is available in this update, you can enable it using the /gamemode 6 command.

Fixed up to 75 errors. A few of them: teleporting mobs and using the camera during the game work correctly.

bugs and fixes

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Size: 150.68 Mb
Downloads: 6171
Working Xbox Live / Working skin editor / Working servers without Xbox Live / Marketplace does not work


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