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Dirty, damp and sad. This is about how you can imagine a new biome "mangrove swamp" which consists of a block of mud, mangrove trees. Beginners can immediately build a house out of mud, and professional players will make a house out of mangrove boards or dirty bricks. 

The biome can be found in warm places where swamps are usually located. In Mangrove swamps, you can see frogs, bees and other living beings who love the warm season. Get ready to travel? Floating on the swamp water on a boat between huge roots - will perfectly surprise you.

Coordinates do not need to be entered, you will immediately find yourself in the biome. Coordinates of the village: 98 63 -120.

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Supported versions

1.19.0, 1.19.2
Comments (4)
  1. Avatar StopReadingMyName
    Thank you so much! Using this for my new survival world
  2. Avatar kama_foll
    Thanks for information
  3. Avatar kama_foll
    I couldn't find the village.
    Please show village coordinates.
    1. Avatar andrey
      Coordinates added: 98 63 -120.
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