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Minecraft Bedrock Edition is a PC version of the game presented for the Windows 10 operating system. The game can run even on the weakest computer with minimum PC specs. You can play with your friends over the network via Xbox Live and start survival.

Lush Cave in Minecraft for Windows 10

Play the popular sandbox game online with friends. The game is a large open world with a bunch of different features. Meincraft is a great way to have fun with your friends. In addition, there are dangerous mobs that can harm you and the other players, build a house and take cover from them in the dark time, also thanks to the red soap, you can build complex mechanisms in the world.

Bedrock Edition is no different from Pocket Edition, freely drag and drop your world in .mcworld format from your computer to your mobile device, then continue building. On the plus side, you can add that the game is written in the programming language C++. Thanks to him, you can comfortably play with high FPS.

Winter Biome at Night Summer Biome in Minecraft on Windows
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Comments (151)
  1. Avatar Rodrigo
    wow its good wheh rtx
  2. Avatar NhanTNT
    there are a bunch of kids down there that doesn't know how piracy works lmao
  3. Avatar idk
    works its real comment not scam just watch vid tutorial when you click download
  4. Avatar Lowdoubtable69
    Not worth trying
  5. Avatar Warden
    This Link Didint Work Is A TrashScam And DUMB Link Its another stuff that he downloaded and got it popluar but this is FAKE DOWNLOAD LINK
  6. Avatar Hasnain
    Where is the link I click download and not download link
  7. Avatar Aldronic
    oh man it did not work ("/ )
  8. Avatar hdhshs
    it trash download don t work
  9. Avatar Bentalkyomama
    download don't work :/ also, i put the file in a couple motnhs ago it use to but now it wont work anymore its says please get the full version of Minecraft
    1. Avatar kr0tchet
      You need to download these dlls files and then install the appx version of Minecraft (its basically similar to apk but its Windows Store). After that, restart ur computer and it will work. Also noted that you need to put these files as exception, these files are pretty safe and i have tested it.
  10. Avatar camman
    its trash beacuse is apk file but pc does not support apk
    1. Avatar Aldronic
      ya it never works
    2. Avatar Creator404
      True Because apk means Andriod Package
      And exe means executable
  11. Avatar Ghostszi
    Do not download it. My laptop said there is a piece of code which is a virus, do not download it for your safety
  12. Avatar Victor
    I was very happy when i saw this website so as it finish downloading my windows defender said it was a virus and it did not download.THIS IS A SCAM AND A VIRUS PLEASE DONT DOWNLOAD
    1. Avatar andrey
      What file did you download? My windows defender does not complain about the virus. Virustotal does not swear on the files.
    2. Avatar kiki
      you save my pc
  13. Avatar kiki
    this is so unneccesary my cousin wanted minecraft bedrock edition i told her it was for real money an she said no an showed me this turns out it was a ACTUAL VIRUS it completely took ove r her laptop
  14. Avatar staying safe
    scanned the files, theres a trojan. Make sure yall are careful with what youre downloading.
    Having an anti-virus is important if youre downloading unlocked games.
  15. Avatar UrMom
    why is there pop-up ads on the download tab?
    1. Avatar andrey
      Thanks to advertising, the project continues to exist.
  16. Avatar angele
    minecraft in fun
  17. Avatar J bacon
    This bedrock is Klauncher too

    I think mean Hardblock is Bedrock in Klauncher
  18. Avatar Adam
    Bro mojang and microsoft will be so upset about this! on the other hand, mcpe bedrock works.
    1. Avatar Adam
      This is how I do it:

      Mcpe Bedrock v1.18.31 ❌
      Mcpe Bedrock v1.18.32 ❌
      Mcpe Bedrock v1.19.0 ✅
      This means when there is a bug fix update (I do not update it)
      When there is a new version available like 1.19.0 (I update it)
      btw when I look at the info of the app (Minecraft for Windows)
      I feel like the files tricked Microsoft store, xbox app and
      Mcpe launcher (Microsoft Edition) into believing that I
      Bought Mcpe Bedrock with money.
  19. Avatar harey
    thanks you so much im gonna play bedrock
  20. Avatar Youssef Hatab
    sooo should i download it from the minecraft store and do the license thing?
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