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Minecraft Bedrock Edition is a PC version of the game presented for the Windows 10 operating system. The game can run even on the weakest computer with minimum PC specs. You can play with your friends over the network via Xbox Live and start survival.

Lush Cave in Minecraft for Windows 10

Play the popular sandbox game online with friends. The game is a large open world with a bunch of different features. Meincraft is a great way to have fun with your friends. In addition, there are dangerous mobs that can harm you and the other players, build a house and take cover from them in the dark time, also thanks to the red soap, you can build complex mechanisms in the world.

Bedrock Edition is no different from Pocket Edition, freely drag and drop your world in .mcworld format from your computer to your mobile device, then continue building. On the plus side, you can add that the game is written in the programming language C++. Thanks to him, you can comfortably play with high FPS.

Winter Biome at Night Summer Biome in Minecraft on Windows
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Comments (155)
  1. Avatar Adam
    Bro mojang and microsoft will be so upset about this! on the other hand, mcpe bedrock works.
    1. Avatar Adam
      This is how I do it:

      Mcpe Bedrock v1.18.31 ❌
      Mcpe Bedrock v1.18.32 ❌
      Mcpe Bedrock v1.19.0 ✅
      This means when there is a bug fix update (I do not update it)
      When there is a new version available like 1.19.0 (I update it)
      btw when I look at the info of the app (Minecraft for Windows)
      I feel like the files tricked Microsoft store, xbox app and
      Mcpe launcher (Microsoft Edition) into believing that I
      Bought Mcpe Bedrock with money.
  2. Avatar harey
    thanks you so much im gonna play bedrock
  3. Avatar Youssef Hatab
    sooo should i download it from the minecraft store and do the license thing?
  4. Avatar Omar
    It says that I don't own Minecraft on the Microsoft Store. How do I fix this
  5. Avatar AstroCrashed
    Not working on windows 11
    I upgraded to windows 11 from windows 10
    1. Avatar camman
      XD i have windows 8.1
  6. Avatar Project : Blue V2
    It keeps sending me to another web
  7. Avatar Andre
    Thanks, it works. But, it's version 1.18.31. Would appreciate a patch for V 1.18.32!
    1. Avatar Andre
      Edit: 1.18.32 was only for mobile and Nintendo Switch. Current version is 1.19.0 and it works fine. However, don't upgrade to windows 11 and you'll be fine.
  8. Avatar JUST PLAY22
    i downloed it on opera and it said it was infected
    1. Avatar Adam
      Download it on google instead
  9. Avatar calvin
    WHY IS not downloading
  10. Avatar Alisa salsa bila
    Minecerft ini lumanyan
  11. Avatar Reuben
    the link https://mcpehaxs.com/en/minecraft-bedrock.html
  12. Avatar india sucks
    india files are just scam why would i give ur file access to my system u suckers
    1. Avatar they suck if they say India suck
      you little muffin head, you only sucks not India. you guys will scam not India. you are naughty boys idot
  13. Avatar Eftey
    mincraft is op
  14. Avatar NASSER
    how do i download minecraft
  15. Avatar mbaxt51
    how much $ in minecarft bebrock
  16. Avatar Super GamingYT
    minecraft bedrock is not downloading
  17. Avatar BubuChibYhy
    How To Download Minecraft Bedrock Edition And Where The Link
  18. Avatar Fathan422hehehee
    how to download the minecraft bedrock
  19. Avatar Emin
    pls donloawd bedrock
  20. Avatar Gaming_5000x3125
    im can't instal
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